Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock



Adam Warlock vs. Thanos

Series: 2

Asst: 48026

Year: 2000

Item# 48028

Package Type: 2-pack carded

Exclusive: Previews

This classic confrontation took place in the Infinity Gauntlet Mini-Series. Thanos wrestled the infinity gems that control the soul, mind, power, time, reality and space from those that possessed them. He then placed them into a glove that gave him the unbridled power of a god. The mad titan's gaining of this supreme might meant the beginning of a black nightmare for the universe. At the edge of the Armageddon, Adam Warlock, a man Thanos was supposed to have killed years earlier, returned to lead Earth's super heroes in a desperate attempt to thwart this nihilistic god's insane plans for galactic destruction. This cosmic event reintroduced Warlock to a new generation of fans and spawned the incredibly popular Infinity War and Infinity Crusade cosmic themed epic mini-series.