The Thing

The Thing



(blue box)

Figures in Package: 

Cable, Iron Man, The Punisher,

Web-Glider Spider-Man,

Spider Armor Spider-Man, The Thing,

War Machine, Space Wolverine

Series: single series/release

Asst: none

Year: 1996

Item# 48015

Package Type: 8-pack boxed

Exclusive: no

Notes: no accessory

A valued member of the Fantastic Four, the Thing is known as much for his wit as he is for his amazing physical strength! Even facing the near unlimited power of the Hulk, the Thing has been able to come out on top by using his brains as well as his brawn. And though he may look like a monster on the outside, underneath the rocky orange exterior he's still Ben Grimm, a heroic man who uses everything he's got to defend the Earth against her greatest threats!