Spider-Man Web Wars

1999 Item No. 49410

When Carnage escapes from his prison cell and goes on a rampage dressed as Spider-Man, it's up to the real Spider-Man to save the day. Spidey knows how unpredictable and dangerous the crazed creature can be and realizes it will take more than his sensational spider-powers to take him down. The webbed hero puts together an arsenal or weapons to help him defeat the symbiote. The web-slinger must use his Symbiote Shooter, Web Copter and remote control Steel Spider Armor to put Carnage back in jail where he belongs. Now you can act out your own exciting Web Wars between Super Hero and Super Villain!

NOTE: Another unique box set with package variations, this is released in at least two versions. One is titled "Spider-Man Web Wars" and is item number 49410. The second is titled "Spider-Man 2000" and is item number 49430.