Iron Man

Iron Man




Series: 2

Asst: 4810

Year: 1991

Item# 4814

Package Type: single carded

Exclusive: no

Iron Man is the world's greatest high-tech hero. Iron Man's armor is made of space-age alloys and is virtually indestructible. Not only that, but the armor is filled with an awesome arsenal including energy blasting repulsor rays, a navigational computer and rocket-powered boots that can fly him at a top speed of 960 miles and hour! Iron Man is really the millionaire inventor and industrialist, Tony Stark. When he's not wearing his armor and helping his friends Thor and Captain America save mankind from super-powered enemies, Tony's in his lab creating a new invention to save lives or clear the environment.

To help Tony suit up to become Iron Man, simply place the coordinating pieces of armor around his body, arms and legs and snap together until tight.