Unmasked Venom

Unmasked Venom




Series: 5

Asst: 48780

Year: 1997

Item# 48781

Package Type: single carded

Exclusive: Puzzlezoo

Notes: symbiotic chest plate, yellow hair, pale skin, spider is a silver color, translucent hands and feet

Both alien symbiotes bonded with their human hosts, Venom and Carnage, are intense arch rivals. So when mercenary-for-hire, Deadpool, is hired to break Carnage out from his high-security holding facility, Venom is first on the scene to stop him! But Venom isn't the only one whose attention is drawn to the break-out -- The X-Men's Wolverine and Magneto also show up to tangle with the psychopathic symbiote. Pushing action into overdrive, the four face-off in a battle the likes of which has never been seen!