Black Bolt

Black Bolt



Series: single series/release

Asst: 40306

Year: 1999

Item# 48308

Package Type: single carded

Exclusive: Previews

Black Bolt, the monarch of a race of beings that resides in the Blue Area on the Moon, is a most unlikely leader. Appointed to the throne of the Inhumans at a young age. Black Bolt must endure the curse of remaining forever silent for fear of his Inhuman powers. He has the ability to harness free floating electrons that react with the speech center of his brain to produce powerful blasts from his vocal chords. A mere whisper from the ruler of the Inhumans can topple an aircraft carrier, while one of Black Bolts' screams can reduce a mighty mountain to rubble. With his wife and fellow Inhuman, Medusa, by his side, Black Bolt has proven to be a very capable and benevolent leader.