With Clip-On Ice Fists


Fire & Ice

Figures in Package: 

Human Torch & Iceman

Series: single series/release

Asst: none

Year: 1997

Item# 48070

Package Type: 2-pack boxed

Exclusive: Toys R Us

One their own they are a force to be reckoned with, but together, the flame powers of Johnny Storm and the ice powers of Bobby Drake pack a powerful one-two punch. Standing at either end of the temperature spectrum, the Human Torch and the Iceman are impressive allies. Each using a power which is the opposite of each other, they pull off stunts no other team could dram of. Using their deep-freeze-quick-thaw attack they leave any opponent reeling and stunned. Fighting together as a team of extremes, the X-men's Iceman and the Fantastic Four's Human Torch are mega-powered, and since each wields the elements to their fullest, these two wise-cracking super heroes can stop practically anyone!