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Battle Ravaged Spider-Man vs. Scorpion

Series: 35

Asst: 43090

Year: 2001

Item# 43092

Package Type: 2-pack carded

Exclusive: no

J. Jonah Jameson, the publisher of the Daily Bugle, created the super criminal known as the Scorpion when he paid a thug named Mac Gargan to undergo an experimental scientific procedure to give him the powers of a Scorpion. Jameson believed that Gargan would then be able to track down and defeat the wall-crawler since scorpions are natural predators of spiders. The experiment was a success and Gargan set out to use his newfound powers and cybernetic tail to destroy the webbed wonder. However, the process drove Gargan mad and he turned on Jameson. After a hard fought battle in which he was seriously injured, the web-slinger defeated his more powerful foe and saved the life of Jameson, the man who had tried to destroy him. Today, the Scorpion remains one of the wall-crawler's deadliest enemies.