Apocalypse Rising

Apocalypse Rising

with Ozymandias





Series: single series/release

Asst: 48030

Year: 1997

Item# 48034

Package Type: single carded

Exclusive: no

The world's first mutant and possibly the most evil, even Apocalypse is astounded by the power of Onslaught. Awoken by his eternal servant Ozymandias, and alerted to the powerful energies that Onslaught is wielding, Apocalypse rises from his chambers and makes his intentions known. Proposing an alliance with his greatest foes--the X-Men, Apocalypse seeks to destroy the power that is Onslaught while secretly planning to steal it for himself. Weakening Onslaught enough for Professor X to be released, the villain Apocalypse departs and readies himself for a time that would call the world his own!