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Venom vs. Carnage

Series: 35

Asst: 43090

Year: 2001

Item# 43093

Package Type: 2-pack carded

Exclusive: no

Notes: defined spider on chest, darker green on teeth

Convicted criminal Cletus Kasady was infused with the awesome power of the spawn of Venom's alien costume and became Carnage. using his newfound abilities to escape from prison, Carnage went on a a reign of terror, attacking people indiscriminately, Spider-Man fought him valiantly but was unable to defeat the crazed villain. The web-slinger was forced to ask his arch enemy, Venom, for aid in bringing the psychopath's rampage to a halt. Eddie Brock along with his alien "other", who form the creature known as Venom, battled Kasady and its spawn until they were finally able to bring Carnage down after a long, grueling battle. Venom was now free to settle the score with his main adversary, the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.