Video Game Superstars Presents:

Marvel vs. Capcom

1999 Asst. No. 48245

The evil mutant Onslaught has gained control of space and reality and has opened a portal to an alternate plane where he has transported some of the greatest warriors from the Marvel Universe and the Capcom Universe. On this neutral ground, Onslaught forces the warriors of two worlds to do battle for the ultimate stakes; the very survival of their universe; for Onslaught has determined that the losers will forfeit their very reality. Will the Marvel and Capcom heroes face off against each other to defend their respective realities? If the heroes band together to attempt to thwart Onslaught's evil scheme, are their combined might of the villains from the Marvel and Capcom worlds? Onslaught stands by to watch the epic struggle: Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes!