Ant Man


(accessory to Goliath)


Marvel Legends

Figures in Package:

Ant Man, Giant Man, Wasp

Series: 4

Asst: 70375

Year: 2003

Item# 70380

Package Type: carded clamshell

Exclusive: no

Notes: metallic blues/blacks; better painted face

Hank Pym started small. After shrinking his way to worldwide renown as the super-heroic Ant-Man, founding member of the mighty Avengers, he ascended to even greater glory in the guise of Giant-Man. Now, as Goliath, he continues to prove that size matters: His greatest asset is his big brain and knack for invention! Due to years of exposure to the size-altering properties of Pym Particles, Goliath can increase in stature at will to a maximum height of 100 feet or shrink to the size of an ant. He grows by drawing additional mass from an extra-dimensional source, to which it returns when he reverts to normal. Goliath can shrink an entire laboratory or an array of firearms to the size of a microchip when not in use. The various compartments on his uniform straps contain a wide variety of miniaturized equipment.