Alien Venom

Alien Venom




Figures in Package: 

Future Spider-Man vs. Alien Venom

Series: 33

Asst: 43186

Year: 2000

Item# 43187

Package Type: 2-pack carded

Exclusive: Grand

At the dawn of the new millennium, the amazing Spider-Man faces his toughest challenge ever. His deadliest villains have enhanced their already formidable powers by using the latest high-tech weaponry to try to destroy the web-slinger. It will take all of the wall-crawler's sensational spider powers and crime fighting gadgets to help him defeat the super fiends and protect the innocent from the forces of evil. No villain, no matter how powerful, can escape from his web of justice. In the year 2000, the spectacular web-slinger rededicates himself to his crusade against crime to be the ultimate Super Hero in this new super technological era!

Alien Venom




Figures in Package: 

Alien Venom, Spider-Man, & Spider-Man

Series: single series/release

Year: unknown

Item# 49432

Package Type: 3-pack boxed

Exclusive: Famosa

(translated from back of package)

In this new millennium, Spider-Man will have to face a great challenge, since his worst enemies have increased their already incredible powers, using more modern weapons and the latest technology in order to destroy him. Spider-Man will have to improve his sensational arachnid powers to face them and continue protecting the innocent. No villain, no matter how dangerous, will be able to escape Spider-Man's justice. In the new millennium, Spidey will continue to be the best Action Hero!